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Whether you’re passionate about the anti-aging movement, or you’re looking for your next entrepreneurial venture, becoming a LifePharm Independent Business Owner (IBO) may be the challenge you’ve been waiting for. We offer the freedom to work anywhere in the world, either in-person or digitally, as well as extensive perks, incentive trips, and the dedicated support of our community of business owners working the way they want to.


Next (Re)Generation Products

LifePharm offers a simplified line of premium, patented products backed by real clinical research. Our exclusive products work on your most important biological systems, recharging and regenerating each system on a cellular level, using our proprietary stem cell and growth factor technology.


Shown to increase Telomere length by 400%


Supports healthy cholesterol and triglycerides levels


Improves short-chain fatty acid production


Boosts B Cells, T Cells and White Blood Cells counts

Write Your Own Bonus Check

With LifePharm, you decide the pace of your business growth.
Here’s a look at what you can earn from sharing the gift of anti-aging:

30% Off

when you buy for yourself


first orders from referral
IBOs and customers


repeat purchases

11 Ways To Earn

from every sale
in your entire team

No Matching

requirement with two-leg
binary structure


width and depth with
unilevel structure

But Wait…There’s More!

Bonuses are just the beginning when you become a LifePharm Independent Business Owner. We’re also proud to offer outstanding perks that include:


Enjoy exclusive offers and
holiday promotions on all


Reward yourself with
redeemable points
for LifePharm
products and gifts.


Equip yourself – and your
growing business – with
top tier training and
professional development


Get your next vacation or
monthly car expense paid
for through LifePharm.

How we stack up against other flexible income opportunities




Earnings Potential
No cap Approximately $8.50 - $10 per hour*
To Make $850, It Would Take…
Connect with 5 Customers and teach them to do the same Approximately 85 - 100 hours
Recurring Income from Customers
Possible Not possible

*18-JS094-You Economy Comparison 111318

We Put You First

When you start a LifePharm business, you’re never alone, and you always have access to our extensive range of tools and support features. We’re proud to offer:

Your free online store for
24/7 anywhere, anytime sales
Incredible customer
service available in
multiple languages
Business opportunities in
over 45 countries globally
A powerful business
website and mobile app
just for LifePharm IBOs
The option of weekly
or monthly pay outs
Minimal startup costs to
get your business going
Work with half a million
IBOs and growing at a
DEBT-FREE company
Free training on our products
and how to grow your business

Your Business Support System

We think that sharing the magic of cellular regeneration should be fun and easy, and that’s why we pair you with your own mentor to guide you every step of the way. You’ll also have a dedicated field development training team and access to our LifePharm University – a free, online learning center with unparalleled product and social media training, webinars, and so much more.


The LifePharm

The business can give you everything you want: great health, great sustainable income, travel the world, meet new people, see new places and have many great true friends. It’s never late to be successful!

Irene S.
Titanium, U.S.A.

I’ve been able to achieve sustainable income not only using LifePharm’s product, but sharing it with many people.

Stan B.
Diamond, U.S.A.

Take the First Step Now

With so much upside – and so much growth potential – there’s never been a better time to be in business for yourself with the support of a growing community of likeminded business owners just like you. Contact us now to begin a journey like no other.



LifePharm offers multiple ways to earn with our unique compensation plan.
  • 1. Retail sales
  • 2. Fast Start Bonus*
  • 3. Break Even Bonus (helps cover your monthly product purchase)
  • 4. Matrix Bonus
  • 5. Matching Matrix Bonus
  • 6. Coded Bonuses,
  • 7. Coded Match Bonus
  • 8. Business Builder Bonus
  • 9. Team Leader Bonus
  • 10. Global Ambassador Bonus
  • 11. Lifestyle Cash Rewards Bonus

*When you get started or help others get started with our Fast Start YOU GET TWO enrollment packs, you can earn up to $725 in commissions.

We have taken the 2 most popular plans in the industry, the Binary and the Unilevel, and kept what works for them and eliminated what did not. We have the world’s first 2 x 12 matrix tree, which is a binary structure that pays you on both legs, down to 12 levels. No complicated lesser leg requirement or cycling calculation, you get paid on every single order, no matter the leg, down to 12 levels of the binary tree (which equals 8024 positions).

We also have a unilevel component to our plan. Most unilevel plans pay down to a finite depth. We offer a coded unilevel bonus that allows you to get paid down to infinite width and infinite depth. No more limits in the number of levels you can earn from!

There is no personal purchase required to become an independent business owner (known as IBO) with LifePharm. You can with our Business Starter Kit* for as little as $29.95 and receive the following:
  • Personalized Replicated Website and Virtual Back Office
  • Discounted product prices
  • Access to promotions and incentives
  • Company tools and communications

*Business Success Starter Kit will be included with the purchase of an Activation Pack or higher at time of sign-up.

Once you become an IBO with LifePharm, you will receive weekly and monthly company communication and have direct access to our Global Customer Support in answering your questions and business needs in a timely and professional manner.

To keep you engaged and feel a part of our global community, you have access to our active social media platforms: LifePharm Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & LinkedIn. Also, you have 24/7 access to your Virtual Back Office (VBO) to learn more on earning more from our exclusive promotions and travel incentives. And we offer free prospecting tools and monthly and bi-monthly live webinar trainings to learn more about our products and how to build your business with ease and simplicity.

You are not in this business alone because we are your business partner and will walk you through every step of your LifePharm business and product experiences from day one. Our ultimate goal is helping you achieve optimal health and financial success by taking full advantage of LifePharm’s generous compensation. The sky is truly the limit for you at LifePharm. Begin your journey today by clicking here to get started in your first 30 days with LifePharm.

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