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Laminine Formula
Laminine is formulated with a proprietary combination of ingredients that are natural and provide the body with all 22 of the amino acids needed for cellular health:
Fertilized Avian Egg Extract
Marine Protein
Phyto Protein
The secret weapon in the Laminine formula is called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). This compound helps the proper stem cells to restore the body’s organs back to their natural state where they function at their best. Found in the human placenta, FGF gradually decreases over time. That’s when we start to see the signs of premature aging and degeneration.

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Fertilized Avian
Egg Extract

Laminine is formulated with a proprietary combination natural

Marine Protein

Laminine is formulated with a proprietary combination natural


Laminine is formulated with a proprietary combination natural

With Laminine, you can benefit from
Less Stress
Better skin
Improved memory
Better focus and clarity in thinking
Increased stamina and energy
More restful sleep
Feeling better overall
Improved muscle tone and strength
Others have experienced
I personally feel better than I have for years. And I have Laminine to thank for it. That’s why I choose to share Laminine every day. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
“After consuming Laminine for only two weeks, my husband and I experienced significant improvements to our health. Friends and family have also felt benefits in the area of skin, sleep, digestion, and fatigue. We plan to expand our LPGN business to as many people as possible, so they too may experience a natural approach to health.”
Dessy H, Indonesia
“Laminine is the most amazing product I’ve ever worked with in 27 years. No other nutritional product does so much, for so many, for so little, so fast. The key is to talk to as many people as possible, tell them your story and the stories of others who have seenresults.”
Roger D, U.S.A.
"I have about 15 years of experience with dietary supplements, but the results I have seen with Laminine are the fastest and the most significant. My 73-year-old father and my children have all benefited from both Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++. My father feels a difference in his stamina and circulation, and my children are better able to retain what theylearn at school.”
Timur S, U.S.A.
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