LPGN Independent Business Owner, Silver
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Why LifePharm?
There are jobs and there are careers. There are vocations and ambitions. What if you could help people improve their health and make money at the same time? What if you could help people make money and in doing so, increase your own financial stability?
This could be you

Visualize yourself getting a cup of coffee or tea, eating at a restaurant or lining up for movie tickets. When you’re at a party having a great time, you could be working. Just be willing to strike up a conversation. It’s really that simple. That’s why I became a LifePharm Global Independent Business Owner (IBO).

LifePharm Global takes its commitment to their IBOs seriously. When they say, “By You, For You,” they really mean it. They follow through and provide us with the tools we need to run a business.

There are many reasons to become a LifePharm Global IBO, but let’s be honest— everyone who goes into business wants to make money. I appreciate being compensated for my efforts. I also like being in control of my own success. I realize that I can work at my own pace.

And because LifePharm Global is “By Your, For You,” the compensation plan has been created with us in mind, with input from our sales leaders and mentors, people who started out just like you and me.

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LifePharm Global has been supportive of me from the beginning and lived up to their pledge to make these the best years of my life. I want to share the good life with you.
“In addition to the health benefits, Laminine, when shared with others, will advance your finances. Whether you want to be comfortable or to be completely financially free, I believe that money is the outcome of sharing my personal gratitude for how Laminine helped me and my loved ones. Achieving the rank of Silver Director is the start to a fruitful endeavor in this business.”
Dennis A., Philippines
“The LPGN business opportunity has given me confidence in all my transactions! I am more relaxed and enjoying my daily life. Most of all, my financial worries are less stressful. LifePharm Global’s business opportunity has made me proud of myself as an independent business owner.”
Marieliza I., Philippines
“The entire LifePharm system works for me. The kind of success each individual achieves in this business is dependent upon the level of desire and work ethic. To succeed, we need to treat everyone with love, patience, and respect. We also need to make specific plans and implement them. My long-term goal is to help others become financially independent, and absolutely healthy. The opportunities for health and wealth with LifePharm Global Network are phenomenal!”
Olga S., U.S.A.
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