Why now

Based in Southern California, LifePharm has been in the business of developing, marketing and distributing premium all-natural supplements in the retail sector throughout six countries since 2001.

With extensive media & branding campaigns, LifePharm has become a household brand in their specific categories and its name is synonymous with premium, high-quality natural supplements made in the USA.

Collectively, LifePharm's management and shareholders has over 150 years of experience in our industry.

To ensure we consistently provide high-quality products for our consumers, all LifePharm products are manufactured in the United States, adhering to the strictest manufacturing practice standards and we are backed by a multi-million dollar liability policy.

LifePharm was one of the first supplement companies in Asia to use popular celebrities to promote, endorse and build its products and brands.

As a result, the company far exceeded its sales expectations reaching in the hundreds of millions of dollars and succeeded in becoming the top selling brand in our categories.

In these often arduous times, we are determined to make our contributions to the society by refocusing our objectives. The first step was shifting the use of financial resources from wealthy celebrities and media companies and instead giving it to those more deserving to receive these financial gains; YOU.

The only plausible way to achieve this was by operating in the networking business realm. Hence, LifePharm Global Network was formed as a sister company to LifePharm, Inc to make this bold move a reality.